Approved courses (information for students)

Courses from universities and other higher education providers on the FPA approved list have been approved as satisfying the education entry pre-requisite for the CFP® Certification Program. These courses also satisfy the degree requirement for Financial Planner AFP® membership that applies from 1 July 2013.

Postgraduate qualifications may also provide exemptions in some of the technical units within the CFP Certification Program.

Cross credits towards many Masters degrees can be gained if you have completed all units from the CFP Certification Program. To find out more about cross credits (exemptions to Masters degrees), view the approved degree list by clicking the link below.

Education providers and qualifications that satisfy the education entry pre-requisite and cross credits.
Also view the Approved Degree List for exemptions applicable for the technical units within the CFP Certification Program.
Qualifications which can be used in conjunction with a degree to satisfy the education entry into the CFP Certification Program as well as Financial Planner AFP membership.

Financial Planning Education Council

The Financial Planning Education Council (FPEC) was established as an independent body chartered with the responsibility of raising the standard of financial planning education and promoting financial planning as a distinct learning area and a career of choice for students and career changers.  FPEC comprises financial planner practitioners and academics. It sets the standards for accreditation, provides industry and academic links, and supports academic research.

In late 2012, FPEC released their Curriculum guidelines – “Australian Higher Education Curriculum and Accreditation Framework in Financial Planning.”

Education providers

A wide range of academic and student benefits  are available to those education providers who hold an FPEC Approved University course on the FPA approved degree list:

  • Inclusion in listing of approved courses on FPA website
  • Promotion of approved courses to the wider profession
  • Access to use FPEC registered trademark to promote recognition of course
  • Your graduates’ access to career entry is assured
  • Your graduates meet the education prerequisites for enrolment in the CFP Certification Program
  • For approved postgraduate degrees, your graduates may be eligible for exemptions in the CFP Certification Program
  • Sponsorship of student awards by the FPA
Register your interest in having your course(s) assessed by FPEC for the FPA approved degree list.
Read the guide on how to use the FPEC branding to promote your course.  To request logo artwork, contact:  Please note all artwork featuring the FPEC mark (such as stationery, advertisements, etc) must be approved by the FPA and should be sent to:
Special FPA membership rates are available to academics at approved education providers.

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