If you have qualified in a course on the Approved Degree List, this means that you have met the entry requirements for the CFP® Certification Program.

If you have post-graduate qualifications, these may give you exemptions in some of the technical units in the program.

If you have completed all units from the CFP Certification Program, you may qualify for credits or exemptions towards many Masters degrees. View the Approved Degree List for more information.

FPAApprovedDegrees_button Education providers and qualifications that satisfy the education entry pre-requisite and cross credits.
Exemption_button View the Approved Degree List for exemptions applicable for the technical units within the CFP Certification Program.
BridgingCourses_button Qualifications which can be used in conjunction with a degree to meet the entry requirements.


Financial Planning Education Council

The Financial Planning Education Council (FPEC) was established as an independent body with the responsibility of raising the standard of financial planning education and promoting financial planning as a distinct learning area and a career of choice for students and career changers.  FPEC is made up of financial planner practitioners and academics. It sets the standards for accreditation, provides industry and academic links, and supports academic research.

Find out more about FPEC. 

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